Use the below form for bulk meat ordering only

Please read the following important information before placing your order:

  • Forks Farm will contact you to confirm your order after receipt of the order and again once we have a processing date set for your order.  Please note, there may be weeks or months between contact, so please let us know if you must make a change to your order during this time.
  • A deposit is required on custom orders.  Whole and half hog: $200. Whole and half beef: $200. Quarter beef: $100.  Whole lamb: $100.
  • Sorry we can not give refunds on last minute cancellations.
  • There is a $10 delivery fee on custom orders delivered to Buyer’s Club locations.
  • Price per weight are based on hanging weight. Take home weight averages between 68-72% of the hanging weight.
  • After you place your order you will see this message: “Your form was successfully submitted. Thank you for ordering.” If you do not, please call us at (570) 683-5820.
  • Please note that typically our PORK and LAMB are processed in the Fall months, CHICKEN is processed during the Summer, and BEEF is processed year round.


Forks Farm -2013 Ordering Form


Pastured Chicken (organically fed) $3.98/lb

    Pastured Chicken (organically fed) $3.98/lb. Chickens range from 3-7 lbs. Pick up your fresh chickens on market days at Forks Farm Market between 10am-2pm. Dates listed below.

  • For cut-up ADD $1.50/per bird.

Stew Hens (subject to availability)


Pastured Turkey (organically fed) $4.15/lb


100% Grass-fed Lamb

  • Please let us know if you have any special instructions. If you would like any organs or bones, please specify.

100% Grass-fed beef


Woodlot Pork

  • FRESH or CURED? Bacon and Hams will be smoked and cured at 60¢/lb. extra. If you would like any other cuts smoked/cured please make a note below.



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