Camping Guidelines

We are glad you have come to beautiful Columbia County and we hope you enjoy your stay on our farm. A few simple guidelines to help you stay safe and have fun! Welcome to Forks Farm Campground. Please remember we are a working farm. For your safety, please stay outside of the barn and animal areas unless accompanied by a Forks Farmer. We are happy to give you a tour of the farm but please arrange for this prior to your visit so we can schedule the time.

You are welcome to camp, swim, fish and explore at your own risk.

We provide some firewood but ask you to use it conservatively. You are welcome to collect your own dead or downed wood but please do not cut living trees.

All fences are electric. DO NOT TOUCH or go inside a fenced area without a farmer to accompany you.

The farm store is open for self-service. Please record your purchases in the notebook on the counter and leave payment (cash or check) in the cigar box on the counter. If you need assistance with a purchase please find a farmer or call Todd or John on their cell (570) 441-2394 or (570) 441-1452.

Ice is available for $1.50/ bag outside the building at west end of the sales shed.

You are welcome to water. Fill your containers from the hydrant located just east of the entrance gate to the campground.

We welcome your family and friends but please leave pets at home.

Pack it in, pack it out. You are responsible for removing your own trash and recyclables.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable.

Rates: $100 per weekend for up to 2 families, $200/weekend for more than 2 families.