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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cut is which?

You may be unsure what cuts come from where. Take a look at the charts below to help clarify. Click on image to enlarge.


Is my freezer big enough?

We get asked this question frequently. We recommend a 7 cubic foot freezer to fit 20-30 lbs. of frozen cuts of meat.

When can I place my order for a bulk share or meat and when will I receive it?

We accept orders all year round. Orders are filled on a first come first served basis.

Will my meat be fresh or frozen?

All our beef/pork/lamb are flash frozen at the butcher. During the growing season (May-October) fresh chicken is available for pick up on the farm.

Can I order chicken in the winter?

Yes, frozen chickens are available throughout the year.

How long will the meat last?

Meat is good for 1 year stored in the freezer.

Is there soy in the food rations?

Yes, our pork and poultry rations contain soy. Soy provides protein for the animals.

Do your meats contain nitrites/nitrates?

No, our meats our cured without the use of nitrites/nitrates.

When is the farm store open?

The farm store is open every day year round and during the market season on Farmer's Market Saturdays (10am-2pm).

Can I order meat and pick up any other times?

Yes, we welcome pre-orders. Feel free to call us, place an order, we will pack your order and put it in the freezer in the farm store, confirm and you can pick up and pay.

Are all animals raised on the farm?

Forks Farm partners with other local grass-based farmers to provide our customers with the best quality meat. These partners operate under the same sustainability guidelines and share our ideals. Beef and lamb are always 100% grass-fed without any additives. Support of Forks Farm in turn supports our farm partners, the agricultural community and economy.

What Ingredients are in Hillbilly Jerky Seasoning?

Sugar, salt, hydrolyzed soy protein, (hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, caramel color, sunflower oil), monosodium glutamate, maltodextrin (corn), spices, dehydrated garlic, silicon dioxide, oleoresin paprika.

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