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Welcome to Forks Farm Campground! Forks Farm is an 86 acre farm located in Fishing Creek, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. The grass and timber farm is nestled along Huntington Creek at the base of a south-facing slope with beautiful views of Knob Mountain and Huntington Mountains to the south.

There is a fire pit, picnic table, swimming hole, wooded campsites, an outhouse, and an open area for recreational use.

Please remember we are a working farm. All fences are electric. Please DO NOT TOUCH or go inside a fenced area without a farmer accompanying you.


You are welcome to camp, swim, fish, and explore at your own risk. Ice is available for $2.25 per bag outside the building at the west end of the sales shed. You are welcome to collect your own dead or downed wood, but please do not cut living trees. Firewood is available for purchase (approximately 0.65 cu. ft for $5.00). You are welcome to water. Fill your containers from the hydrant located just east of the entrance gate to the campground.

The farm store is open 24/7 for self-service. Please record your purchases in the notebook on the counter and leave payment (cash or check is preferred, but you can use Venmo) in the money box on the counter. If you need assistance with a purchase (Forks Farm grass-fed meats for the grill) let us know. Pack it in, pack it out. You are responsible for removing your own trash and recyclables.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

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