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"I really can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and love that you put into your business.  I am so lucky to be able to purchase quality and care.  What you do is so important and you make it so easy!I love to feed people!  And everyone who has been to my house for dinner agrees that your meat is the best!  And it truly is !  You allow us to to feel good about our choice in food!  I am honored and so grateful!  As are the many folks who allow me to share your good will and fill their bellies!  It’s like Christmas every time I open my freezer!"

– Lisa Firey

"This is a wonderful farm. Friendly people, it just feels so right being there. And their meat is out of this world good!!"

- Pamela Price

"Best farm fresh eggs anywhere!!"

– Dave Strunk

"Thank you once again! And thank you for your hard work! I appreciate it and support it in any way!!! Looking forward to be your customer!!!"

– Irene Pashkin 

"Had to tell you all, that is some DAMN great chicken!!  So flavorful, so delicious. And am impressed at lack of oiliness.  Which I don’t mind in my pastured chickens, but that quality in your meat is just sublime!! Great work y’all!  Can’t wait for more."

– Tim Bowser, Owner, Elk Creek Cafe, Millheim, PA​

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