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Food Facts

About our Pastured Poultry:

Our chicken and turkey are one of the most popular foods we grow. We raise our meat birds in small batches in portable pasture pens we move each day. Our birds are clean and healthy and always have lots of nutritious grass, clover and bugs to eat.

In addition, we feed our pastured broilers certified organic grain grown in PA. This assures you that your chicken is fed highly nutritious, chemical free and grain free feed.

About our Grass-Fed Beef:

Our beef is 100% grass-fed, no grain, no chemicals on our pastures for over 30 years. Our beef comes from prime, young Angus/Hereford cattle raised entirely on pasture. The flavor is rich. The meat is lean and tender. It has less marbling, or intramuscular fat, than grain-fed beef. Our beef is custom-aged, vacuum-packaged and flash-frozen, ensuring the best flavor and long storage life in your freezer.

About our Grass-Fed Lamb:

Our pasture-raised, grass-fed lamb has a delicate flavor. The meat is tender with a taste that is mild and delicious, quite unlike the fatty, grain-fed lamb commonly available.

About our Woodlot Pork:

Raised in the woods at Forks Farm, our Tamworth/Old Spot hogs are allowed to graze grasses and forbs, glean acorns, hickory nuts and other tree seeds/nuts and help us root out invasive species such as Multi-flora Rose and Japanese Stiltgrass and are also fed a custom grain mix made for us at the local mill. The pigs cultivate the understory of the woods preparing the land (helping us develop silvopasture) for establishment of perennial grasses which in turn support the grazing of our beef herd and free range laying chickens. All while producing the most succulent and delicious chops, hams, bacon and roasts. The hams and bacon are cured without the use of nitrates/nitrites.

A note about our food:

This is SLOW FOOD – it takes 6 –7 weeks to grow a pastured chicken (4-5 lbs.), 8 months to raise a hog and about 2 years to properly grow a grass-fed beef. Once the animal is grown, it takes 3 – 4 weeks to have a large animal processed (dry-aging, cutting, flash freezing, packaging and labeling). Good food takes time and we are committed to doing it right.

All pasture-raised foods, including milk, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and pork, are nutritionally superior to foods raised in a feedlot or indoors. We don’t think saturated fat and cholesterol are bad; these constituents, like proteins and fatty acids, appear to be in every animal, pastured or not. The below tables are presented to show that the levels of these constituents vary depending on how the animal is raised.

Our Statistics:

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